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This tool permits to generate map for Dungeons and Dragons but also for any other roleplaying game or miniature wargaming.
It's quite easy to generate your dungeon with this tool. It can be done in three steps :
First, you need to choose the size which cannot exceed 100 on 100 px for server reasons.
After the dungeon's generation, you can customize your dungeon with different kind of special tales
To finish, you can save it (if you are logged in) and/or print it.

upload an image that represent the map you want to create

the size of the image cannot excess 100ko (will be occur an error) and better to be less 100x100px wide else it'll be resized with losses of data (can be done with picasa which is a part of google pack)
allowed colors (and hexa code) :
#00ff00 : meadow
#ff0000 : ground
#1c661c : jungle
#ffff00 : desert
#ffffff : snow
#0000ff : water

create an empty map (water)


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